For BMW Group Middle East, matt jones wrote the script for the customer launch of the new BMW 5 Series in 2003. He also directed a pre-recorded 12 minute hologram video for the show, featuring locally auditioned actors.

In 1991, matt jones scripted a video, Seikatsu – Say What?!, which was used by the Japanese Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs to introduce young Westerners to the lifestyle (seikatsu) of assistant English teachers (AETs) in state-run schools in Japan.

matt jones has written two feature-length screenplays: MVP, a fantasy drama about HIV / AIDS set against the return of Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson to the Los Angeles Lakers / NBA in 1996; and Amal’s Quest For Bottled Phosphorescence, an Arabian Gulf-based, magical realism fable about the impact of a tourism development project on the fictional, ancient coastal community of Umm Al Zubba.